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    We have had many readers ask us questions about teaching English in Korea. I found myself sending out the same messages over and over again on Facebook and Gmail, so I decided to make a page dedicated to those who are looking to teach here.
    Korea is an awesome place to live, and is the best place in Asia to save money. Of course I am going to be a little biased because I absolutely love Seoul, but hopefully these links give you a real glimpse into the teaching world in Korea! I will never make any overstatements, and will do my best to be upfront and honest with every recommendation.-Marie Webb

Getting to Korea:
Getting your diploma notarized and apostilled
National Criminal Background Check- for those currently living in the United States

Living in Korea:

Alien Registration Cards/Korean ID cards 
Finding an apartment in Korea 
Getting blonde highlights and a hair cut with the fabulous Michelle 
Getting your Chinese tourist visa in Korea 
Free Korean Classes in Seoul 2012
Korean health check
Mini Korean lessons online with Arirang TV 
My apartment in Korea 

National Criminal Background Check- for those already living in Korea
Opinion: Understanding Korea's drinking culture 
Surviving the Christmas season in Korea without family 
Visiting the Chiropractor in Seoul 
A holiday photo essay of Christmas in Seoul

Teaching in Korea:

The Truth About Teaching English at YBM in Korea

Reader Q&A:

Basic questions about Korea and this blog 
How can you meet other expats in Korea?

Travel in Korea:

Take a look at some of the most amazing travel destinations throughout Korea.
    We have compiled a list of hidden treasures for those curious explorers that want to see things well off the beaten path. As well as a list of the must-see locations while you are here. 
    And don't forget to check out our tour recommendations! Get far away from huge tourist groups and in on a smaller group tour with expats.

A day in the life of an expat living in Seoul, South Korea
Cherry blossoms in Seoul: See them before their gone at Yeouido and Samcheongdong 
Eating live octopus at Noryangjin Fish Market 
Enjoy Myeong-dong Cathedrals Gothic architecture and attend an English Mass
Exploring the once forbidden Seoul Fortress Wall 
Experiencing Dragon Hill Spa, Korea's most famous jjimjilbang 
Gyeongbokgung Palace during fall  
Seoul Tower
Six reasons to love Myeongdong

Hidden Treasures

Bukhansan Mountain/Fortress
The Biggest Buddha in Korea: Part 1 getting there 
The Biggest Buddha in Korea: Part 2 about 
Spleunking in Gosu Cave and relaxing on Chungju Lake 

Winter Fun
Snowboarding and Skiing at Hyundai Sungwoo Resort in South Korea
Take the Wine Train in Korea for the journey, not the wine 

Summer Fun
Head to the East Sea and relax on the white sand at Sokcho Beach

Notable Tour Companies in Korea/Traveling in Korea and onwards
Taking the train in Korea
Take the Wine Train in Korea for the journey, not the wine
The Royal Asiatic Society Korea Branch
Getting your Chinese tourist visa in Korea 

Cafes and Restaurants 

Hanging out at Hank's Book Cafe

Many people believe that while traveling you should never compare one culture to another. Well sorry guys! Some of the cultural differences in Korea compared to Western Culture are just too funny not to mention! This page all started with The Slapping Lady in Jongno which got the most hits out of any post on my blog! So here it goes:

Archive Cultural Humor
A cat-angel man and an Irish Priest sing at Christmas Mass in Myeong-Dong Cathedral 
A commercialized Korean Christmas 
Be quiet! The Jehova's Witnesses are here!
Did that lady just slap someone?
Halloween in Seoul
Kung fu Koreans
Koreans believe in fan death
Listening to K-Pop on the lifts of Sungwoo Resort 
Lust in my officetel gym 
The Seoul Subway Song Has Changed but will always be remembered
The Twist King infomercial
The foreigner picture obsession
Theres no escaping the Cenus lady!
Who wears skirts to the gym?
Why eat cereal when you can drink it?

Archive Opinion
Understanding Koreas drinking culture
North Korea attacks, time to stock up on ramen and register at your Embassy 
Please stop smoking in my hallway and elevator!

Back in America

Homemade Halloween Costumes: Bethany Hamilton costume, hippy costume 
Reverse Culture Shock back in California
Progressive ESL Teachers: Teaching without classrooms 
Kim Jong Il Died in the Future 
Is that Seouls modern architecture or September 11th?

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