Thursday, November 4, 2010

My apartment in Korea: a virtual tour

Many people have been wondering what my apartment is like in Seoul. This video will show you the atmosphere of a Korean apartment in detail while filling you in on the basics of an apartment building in Seoul. I live in an office tel apartment. They are all studios and some people work in them, while others like me live in them. Because it is an office tel apartment, my building is much quieter at night because the only people coming and going are those that live there. To learn more about finding an apartment in Korea visit finding an apartment in Korea to read more articles.

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Anonymous said...

Ahhh I love this! That's such a nice apartment :) your shower is exactly what I had, even at the hotels I stayed in. I love that paper lantern and your view :) and that video thing to the outside of your door is so cool! we need that in the U.S.! looks very nice Marie! sounds like you are having a nice to have a gym in your apt, I was DYING not being able to run! No one runs outside in Cambodia...and the gyms were far away from my apt...also,I lvoe what you've done with your blog! The videos are fun :) and we need to skype soon! let me know your schedule

Anonymous said...

Your apartment is really pretty, but it seems a bit small. Which part of Seoul are you living at? I lived in Suraksan and rent was 550,000 won a month for nearly 50% larger than your apt (almost triple the closet space). But my apt wasn't as nice though. I'm in Busan now, paying 300,000 won for the same size apt.

Marie W said...

hey anonymous!

I live just one block from historic Insadong in Seoul. Specifically Jongno. The rent is also 550,000 which is considered great for this area because it is so close to everything downtown like, Insadong, Samcheongdong, and Gwangwamun.

Its definitely smaller than apartments further from the city. But my goal was to never have to take the subway to work. I walk 10 minutes to work each day, and love being this close to everything in the city. So I definitely sacrifice space for the lower rent here! But then again you get used to it and find creative ways to store things!


Jan said...

anyone know apartment costs in Songdo?

Dale said...

Thanks for that virtual tour. Your apartment is nice. It looks comfortable.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting this!

makati condo said...
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Anonymous said...


HideeKlyn said...

Thank you for this virtual tour! Your style reminds me of our Long Island home builders. Though simple, it's very calm and cozy inside.

Anonymous said...

Hi! Your Korean apartment was really cute and close to some great areas! Just wondering why you ended up having to pay for half your rent and not living in one provided by your company? What did you do with your piano when you left? x

Marie W said...

I had to pay because that's just how my contract was! Also, I sold everything via Craigslist! I also sold my bike online in Japan on Craigslist!

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Gone Seoul Searching by Marie Webb is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.
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