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Gone Seoul Searching is a blog about daily life in Asia. 

Gone Seoul Searching began in Seoul, South Korea in 2010 where I began teaching adult ESL at YBM in Jongno and continued with updates from Tokyo, Japan in 2011 where I wrote about my time in the Westgate University Program.  In 2013 I hopped on another plane and taught at The University of Macau and am finally back home teaching ESL in California as of August 2014. Since 2010, I have worked at 10 ESL schools in a wide range of settings including community colleges, universities, and private language institutions. During my time as a teacher I have traveled to many countries including Korea, China, Taiwan, Japan, Indonesia, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Philippines, Australia, Canada, and Mexico. I have also completed a Masters Degree in TESOL at the University of San Diego. My posts are focused on my travels and experiences teaching ESL abroad and within the U.S. with hopes that my readers can learn from one another and connect in the TESOL community on a more personal level.

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Marie is currently living and working in San Diego, California.  She graduated with a Master's in Education in TESOL, Culture, and Literacy from The University of San Diego in January, 2013 and completed an undergraduate degree at Loyola Marymount University with a Bachelor of Arts in Music with an emphasis in World Music Cultures and Piano, and a minor in Business Administration.

Marie founded Gone Seoul Searching in 2010 and has contributed her articles to numerous websites and blogs including: Korea Taste, Global Base Camps, Chris in South Korea, Travel Wire Asia, Expat BlogThe Korea Blog, and Women News Network. To see some of the contributed articles click on the links above.

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