Monday, February 27, 2012

My favorite top 10 winter destinations on Jeju Island

Jeju Island is the only tropical winter wonderland in Korea! Who says you can't go to Jeju when its cold! Skip the packed summer months and you won't be surrounded by a million photo hungry tourists. You can easily get your close up next to the UNESCO World Heritage Site, Seongsan Ilchulbong Peak without 10,000 people in your picture. Amidst all the tropical palm trees and clear blue waters in the southernmost part of Korea, you might find yourself on a beach covered with snow!

Here are my 10 favorite destinations on Jeju Island during the winter time:

Walking along the Jeju Olle path will give you spectacular views of the coastline. There is 200 KM of walking path to cover if you are interested in a walking tour of the island.
A truly peaceful destination, Sanbangsa Temple is build into the side of a mountain. The steep walk up to the cave is definitely worth the sweat. Make sure to light an incense and take a sip of the fresh mountain water.
Seongeub folk village will take you back in time to traditional Korean living. You can walk through a neighborhood of old thatched roof and stone houses which is idyllic during the winter seasons.
Jongbang Waterfall is only steps from the sand making it a beautiful seaside waterfall. This waterfall is truly unique because of its close location to the beach and the fact that Jeju Island has no rivers or lakes.

One of the 4 Jeju green tea farms is a great place to stop on a winter day and warm up. Inside the tea house you can help yourself to a warm fireplace and some cups of green tea. They also have green tea honey, soap, powder or anything else green tea that you could imagine. If your looking for an authentic Korean tea set, this is the place.
Ancient lava estuary is a part of the area designated by UNESCO as a Biosphere Reserve. Most of the estuary is dried up, but you may rent a clear kayak and paddle around the clear water of the lower half of the estuary. 
Jungmun beach is just below the Hyatt Regency Jeju hotel. During the summer this is Jeju's most popular beach. In the winter months its beautiful to take a stroll and see the snow-covered sand.

Walking along the cliff sides of Yongmeori Beach will take you through what I think of as the Jeju Grand Canyon. The cliff sides have been eroded overtime leaving horizontal formations as the tides rise and fall. If your hungry you can stop at one of the many women divers set ups and grab some fresh seafood.
Eat some of the best food Jeju has to offer at  안거리밖거리 in Seogwipo. This set meal costs only 7,000 won per person and you get a chance to try Okdom the famous red fish of Jeju . This restaurant is famous for its traditional Korean food.
A view from the back side of Oeodolgae rock. The crystal clear waters along the Olle Path is what make this location so special.

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Anonymous said...

Great post! I can't get enough of exploring Korea, and my husband and I are thinking of going to Jeju this March or April. Thanks for sharing these photos.

Anonymous said...

Hi! May I know when did you travel to Jeju? Because I was planning to go there next year Jan. :)

Marie W said...

Hey Anonymous! I went there in the very end of January beginning of February its great because there are no crowds!

sarah said...

Hi I was wondering where you stayed at when you went there Im thinking of going there in a couple of weeks. Any recommendations?

Marie W said...

I stayed at the Hyatt Resort! It was beautiful! But not cheap. You can also stay at some great hostels in Jeju if you simply search online!

Anonymous said...

It looks so beautiful there. I'm thinking of going to Jeju the next time I visit Korea. Just wanna know if Jeju is a bit island at all. Will we be able to see most of these sites if were only there for 2 days?

Anonymous said...

Oops I meant big for the post above...not bit :p

chris33 said...

I was wondering what the name of the green tea farm was that you went to?

Unknown said...

I am planning a trip this Dec but not very sure to include Jeju because I heard it will be snowing ! Do you think is still recommendable to go+??

Amy said...

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tj said...

Cool destinations.

Unknown said...

Hi..i wanna ask if jeju snow end of january?and what i should wear if i go to jeju end of january..tq

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