Thursday, October 7, 2010

We all need a Twist King!

     Firstly, I love watching infomercials. From the Kardashian sister's newest skin care line, or Joan River's "The right to bare legs" skin cover up I love them all. Infomercials make almost anything seem possible! Why wouldn't I want to buy something when it seems so amazing on TV!
    Well, my late night cravings for infomercials were satisfied the other night when I discovered The Twist King. I gave up trying to find more information about this amazing work out product after searching for about fifteen minutes online.
    Pretty much all I learned from the infomercial is that by twisting back and forth on a bouncy coil, anyone can have amazing abs that all the Koreans will be jealous of! Just have fun bouncing around, and make sure to always wear a cropped shirt and a smile on your face.

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jojo said...

im so mad mom returned the right to bare legs!!!

Anonymous said...

donna returns everything, duh

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