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Taking The Korea Airport Railroad to Incheon International Airport and Gimpo Airport

A view of the Incheon Airport upon exiting the Airport Railroad.
    No one really wants to take the airport bus for 10,000 won while they are bobbing around in Seoul city traffic. That's where the AREX (Korea Airport Railroad) also known as KARST (Korea Airport Railroad Seoul Station Terminal) comes into play for a comfortable and fast trip to the Incheon International or Gimpo airports. Now you can even check-in to major airlines at the City Air Terminal in Seoul Station.
    When taking the AREX passengers have a choice between two trains the Express and the Commuter. While the Express seems to be the obvious choice the price changes are drastic. Taking the Express Train from Seoul Station will cost you 13,300 won. This is 4 times the price of the Commuter Train, but the train is only 10 minutes faster than the commuter. Yes that's right, the Express Train is 43 minutes from Seoul Station to Incheon for a price of 13,300 won, while the Commuter Train takes 53 minutes and costs 3,700 won.

The Commuter Train costs 3,700 won and takes 53 minutes from Seoul Station.
     So what are you paying for on the Express Train? The first difference between the Commuter and the Express is comfort. The Express Train is new, it opened in December of 2010 and allows it's passengers to sit in comfortable front facing seats. The train is also non-stop and is equipped with TV screens, outlets, and free high speed Wi-Fi for those that plan on using computers or need to charge something before their journey.  Those on the Express also have the opportunity to check-in if you are flying on Asiana Airlines, Jeju Air, or Korean Air. You can get your boarding pass and even check your bags. The minimum check-in time is 3 hours before flight departure. Trains come every 30 minutes.
    If you're not worried about an extra 10 minute travel time and don't mind a subway style train the Commuter Train is just as great for the lower price. The train will make stops along the way at major subway stations such as Gimpo, and Hongik University. If you still wish to check your bags ahead of time, you may pay an extra fee of 3,000 won. Otherwise roll your bags on and enjoy the ride. Trains come every 13 minutes.
    When entering Seoul Station from the Seoul Station Subway you need to follow the KTX terminal signs which will lead you outside. Go up all the escalators, you will exit the subway completely to enter the Seoul Station Train Terminal. Once inside of the KTX terminal walk all the way to the back and turn left for the Airport Railroad. To see exact times of the trains and more information visit The KORAIL Airport Railroad Website.

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Unknown said...

Thank you for your direct and detailed information about the trains but I have a question does the commuter trains have free wifi as well?

Anonymous said...

Hi, thanks for the detailed info! BTW, we had a hard time at Seoul Station when we transfered there from L1 to L4. Could you please help us as we plan to take the AREX commuter train again to Incheon airport tomorrow but we don't know how to instruct the taxi driver to drop us to the nearest place (near the escalators going down to AREX tracks) so we couldn't experience again dragging our luggage and big bags. Thanks :)

Marie W said...

Hey Anonymous!

If the taxi driver is nice! Simply tell him AREX and escalator in Korean. But most of the taxi drivers won't be so kind as to drop you at the most convenient location!

Anonymous said...

If my flight is to take off at 8:40 AM, is it still good if I catch the 05:40 AM commuter AREX to Incheon from Seoul Station?

Anonymous said...

Detailed, straightforward, great! Lots of good information here, really helped me make my decision quickly and efficiently.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the info! and I think taking express train from airport to Seoul station is better if you want to go to Seoul city. It's faster and more convenient I think. It takes just about 40 mins and you get a reserved seat.

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