Thursday, May 17, 2012

High tech rotating sushi: Sushi speed trains are in, the conveyor belt is old school (Part of 14 days in Japan, 14 amazing places to see)

As part of Gone Seoul Searching: 14 days in Japan, 14 amazing places to see

"Sushi speed trains" are a blast when they show up in front of your table, the conveyor belt is old school!

2. High tech Rotating Sushi: Sushi speed trains are in, the conveyor belt is old school

   To celebrate my first girls night in Japan on a Thursday after work I met up with one of my friends at the biggest rotating sushi restaurant I have seen so far in Japan. Inside the massive building, are tables and bars lined with conveyer belts of sushi that was just made and what I like to call "sushi speed trains" that will deliver sushi and other items that you order from your touch screen menu. Picking up the pre-made sushi is easy as the waitresses just count your plates for your final price and there is no dealing with Japanese or any waiter or waitress. Navigating the tough screen is intimidating, but do-able. Simply click on the picture of the item you would like to order, then press the quantity button, and finally the red button that says to order. In about 1-3 minutes a "sushi speed train" will show up right in front of your table delivering your order. Simply press the button on the box next to the touch screen and it will send the speed train back into the kitchen until your next order!

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