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Seoul Food Girl: Seven Springs features green dining at its best

The salad bar is buffet style and includes hot food items.
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A bowl of chicken porridge accompanied by a sweet potato.
   Seven Springs has a deliciously health conscious menu and everything in the restaurant is homemade. With vegetables delivered every morning, the salad bar has the freshest ingredients you will find in Seoul. Just picture long and lean pieces of asparagus that snap and have a perfect crunch with each bite. Seven Springs has a menu for ordering, but I suggest paying the standard salad bar fee which is just like a buffet. The price is only 16,700 for the lunch salad bar (buffet) and 22,700 for the dinner salad bar. The word salad bar is misleading, because with the one fee you will get access to not only the enormous salad bar, but hot food dishes, appetizers, dessert, and drinks.
    Yes I know what your thinking, buffets are disgusting. But buffets in Korea are usually fantastic, and Seven Springs is one of the top tier buffet style restaurants around. The salad bar options are always changing from afternoon to night. But here are a few of your options around lunch time.

I couldn't resist loading a little bit of everything on my salad!
    Start with an enormous salad; grab one of the individual wooden salad bowls and load up on more fresh veggies than you can possible imagine. There is also fresh lox available, nuts, capers, chicken, shrimp and several types of dressings. The possibilities are almost so overwhelming I suggest making a few different small salads so that you don't overload one salad and have a mismatched smorgasbord.

    The salad bar is hard to get over, but make your way to the hot food sections. The sweet potatoes are perfectly cooked and are topped with a light cheese on top that is irresistible. Get two, because you will want more. Also try out the grilled vegetables. The pumpkin I had was a little tough, but the eggplant and zuchhini were perfectly seasoned and grilled in extra virgin olive oil.

The sea food pasta came with fresh mussels and tomatoes.
     There is also a wide range of sea food and meat dishes. You can choose from standard chicken fingers, which are the most unhealthy item offered in the restaurant, to giant bowls of steamed mussels. The mussels are delicious, but be prepared for an Asian peppery taste, rather than a Italian garlic taste. Also try out the different soups and porridge's. The chicken porridge goes along great with a side of olives and kidney beans.

The green tea cookies are a crunchy treat.
    The dessert can be a little disappointing depending on what items you choose. Stay away from  all the cakes (except the cheese cake), because Korea simply doesn't know how to make real icing or cake batter. The green tea cookies on the other hand are a nice crunchy snack and go along great with a parfait. The plain yogurt clearly tastes homemade with its smooth and sweet qualities. There are also individual bowls for ice cream, pecan pies, brownie pieces, and small carrot cake pieces.
Make a fresh yogurt parfait or add granola to your ice cream
    A definite must is trying out the honey lemon tea. This is not standard dry tea that comes in a tea bag or with a filter. This tea is thick and has whole pieces of lemons floating in the bottom of the pitcher. There are seven locations in Seoul. One of the largest and most beautiful is the location in Jongno. Simply exit number 1 from Jongno 3 Sam-ga and walk straight. At the end of Topgol park, (Pogoda will be across the street) turn left at the cross walk. Cross the street again so that you are outside of Giordano clothing store and turn left. Seven Springs will be only 20 seconds away on your right.

    Seven Springs looks surprisingly deceiving from the outside. You will only see a small entrance with a green awning and brick. But once you enter you will go down a beautiful brick corridor which will lead you to an expansive open and friendly atmosphere.

Don't be deceived by the small storefront in Jongno.
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