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Seoul Food Girl: Manna keeps Korean BBQ authentic in Los Angeles

Manna is one of the most popular Korea BBQ restaurants in Los Angles with 2 locations.

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The entrance to Manna Korean BBQ looks very contemporary.

    Manna, one of the most famous Korean BBQ restaurants in Los Angeles, is tucked away in the back of the Fox Hill Mall where several additions have been completed.  There is also a Manna in Korea, you can read about it here. The restaurant is, of course, not located in the food court section, because of its nicer ambiance. Although going to a mall to eat a nice meal might be unusual, once you enter the restaurant you will completely forget the malls existence. One second I was causally strolling by a Target and the next thing I knew there was the smell of steamed rice and BBQ.
            Korean BBQ is not just a meal, it is a cultural experience. Make sure to come with a large group of friends and you will discover why it is so fun to grill your own Korean food. In traditional Korean restaurants you are seated on the floor around a large square table. Manna has regular seats; but each table comes equipped with its own gas burner and round grill. The grill is conveniently located in the middle of each table so that everyone can reach in to pull off freshly cooked meat and vegetables. 

The inside of the restaurant is sleek and modern.
            Korean BBQ can be outrageously expensive. The good thing about Manna, is that the food is high quality and the prices are low. The menu can be a little confusing if you are not familiar with traditional Korean food. Pretty much everything on the BBQ menu is going to be amazing and will come with several traditional side dishes.
The most expensive cut of meat is called beef galbi, which is pronounced ki-bee. Galbi is the most flavorful type of meat on the menu and the price is nothing compared to most restaurants. The meat can go for up to $100 an order at more expensive Korean eateries, but at Manna the price is only $25. One order of galbi is plenty enough food for two very hungry people, or four people that want to walk back to the car without wobbling. 

Beef Gal-bi is pictured above.
Galbi, a thick cut boneless short rib is marinated in a light sauce and brought to your table raw. Manna allows its customers to cook their own Korean BBQ which is very unusual in traditional Korean restaurants. Your waiter will turn on your grill and place down vegetables and meat. Don’t worry, during the first round of cooking the waiter will come back and show you what to do. If you are brave, simply follow these quick directions. When the meat is cooked to your liking on one side, use the tongs to flip the meat. Once the meat is fully cooked, hold up the meat with the tongs in one hand, and in the other hand cut the meat into two inch pieces with the scissors provided. Do not let the meat continue to cook on the grill or it will burn. Simply move it on top of one of the large potatoes or onions so that it can stay warm. 

Typical Marie Webb with closed eyes outside of Manna with her article.
Several side dishes will come with your freshly-cooked meat. The most popular and well known is called kimchi. The spicy cabbage accompanies virtually every meal in Korea. The Koreans love the vegetable so much that they invented a kimchi refrigerator which many upper class citizens have in their household kitchens. The first time you ever try kimichi you might be surprised by its spicy kick and bitter flavor. All of the side dishes are meant to be combined with your meat or eaten separately. By ordering a side of lettuce you can make taco like lettuce wraps filled with whatever crazy combination you desire.
Side dishes are a must when making a taco.
Do not miss out on the Korean beer. My personal favorites are Hite and OB which are very light but packed with flavor. The sweet taste is a perfect way to wash down the rich and hearty Korean BBQ.
Manna is a great way to celebrate any occasion. If you are ever shopping in Fox Hills and work up an appetite make sure to stop by for lunch or dinner. To learn about more items on the menu check out 
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