Wednesday, October 6, 2010

The biggest Buddha in Korea Part 3: Photos from Nammirueksa

I somehow always manage to find a piano! Even in the middle of nowhere inside of a Buddhist prayer hall!

    Nammireuksa is such a memorable place, but good luck finding any photos of the temple online. Most photos online will only have pictures of the giant Buddha statue. But there is much more to this temple than just the big guy. My photography skills are not excellent, but hopefully they will bring you a more diverse and natural view of the temple grounds.

Some Korean puppies that lived at the temple. They had the cutest dog houses!
Rows of Buddhist deities.

Beautifully crafted doors of one of the halls.
The entrance to the temple is surrounded by rice fields.
Another view of a prayer hall.
A smaller prayer hall surrounded by a lily pond. 
Thirsty? Grab a drink from the Buddha water fountain!
Outside view of one of the temples.

Large elephants mark the entrance to the temple.
A small altar in a prayer hall.
Some of the monks houses on the grounds.
A small courtyard.
A cool view of the Buddha.
A view from the Buddha's feet of the two pagodas.
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