Thursday, October 14, 2010

The perks of being a teacher in Korea: It's not even Christmas yet!

                                   Marie Webb with one of her Level 2 students Grace.

    The generosity of students is an added bonus of being a teacher in Korea. Teachers are highly respected, and many Korean ELS students are genuinely excited to have a class with a native speaking teacher. It wasn't even my Birthday this week I was invited out to Burger King for lunch with a Talk Time Class. Of course the oldest student named Tango paid for everyone, but I managed to sneak up to the cashier and slip her 6,000 for my whopper and Coke. After lunch, one of the girls politely explained to me that in Korea, teachers are like the sky. What she really meant was that in Korea, teachers have a very high social status. Eventually I got her to blurt out the word respect!
    The following day I received my first gift from a student in my Level 2 Intensive course. The course consists of the two cutest girls I have had yet. To spice up class I always answer their million questions about LA and California. One day I commented on my student Grace's adorable diamond poodle earrings. The next day at class she eagerly ripped open her purse the first five minutes of class and handed me the same earrings! Later in the same day I was given a 50,000 ticket for a dance show that my coworkers student is performing in! I'll post a blog about this show after attending.
    The perks of being a teacher in Korea just keep on coming, and I definitely don't mind feeling amazing everyday when I leave work!

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This is really awesome, however as a student, I have never been this generous towards my teachers. Maybe after reading this, I'll do more for them.

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