Thursday, December 9, 2010

Seoul Food Girl: Binge at Burger N Shake, the closest thing to a Korean In-N-Out

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    There's nothing more appealing than seeing a tiny little Korea girl chow down on a  good old fashioned cheeseburger and shake. If your in the mood to just flat out eat something greasy and terrible for your body, head on over to Burger N Shake located in Sinchon.  Down the street from Megabox, this is a great restaurant to stop at before or after heading to the movies. This restaurant boasts its slogan of 100% beef premium homemade burgers, which are definitely a step up from McDonald's and Burger King. 
    I was not planning on eating at Burger N Shake, rather I stumbled upon its storefront while looking for fattening food to cure a rough Saturday at work. The interior will draw your attention from the street with its giant pictures of fresh burgers and the catchy name blown up in bright red and orange colors.

The mushroom burger comes dripping in tangy BBQ sauce.
    The menu at Burger N Shake is clearly all about the burgers. You may choose from a classic cheeseburger to a  New York steak burger, a bulgogi burger, a whole shrimp burger, a Mexican chili burger, and many more. I ordered up the mushroom steak burger which came piled high with giant oyster mushrooms and dripping in delicious BBQ sauce. My burger was sloppy and wet just like a messy burger should be.

The cheesy fries aren't anything special to celebrate about.
    The french fries look amazing on the pictures, but I'd suggest passing on these. They are not very crispy, and the cheesy fries come with cheap nacho cheese and Parmesan that Italians wouldn't dream of eating. The milkshake was also mediocre as it was more like a vanilla slushy snow-cone. Clearly there was no real ice cream used in the shake and it was much to icy and healthy for my taste buds. Try the mango or kiwi shakes which are much nicer than the traditional milk shakes.
    Overall stick with the burgers at Burger N Shake and you will be deeply satisfied. The quality really is that good, and you can tell that the meat is fresh and pure beef. The lettuce, tomatoes, and onions are stuffed in the middle of a perfectly crisp hamburger bun, which is hard to come by in Korea.
   The prices are pretty reasonable for a nicer burger restaurant. You can order a combo meal which includes a cheese burger and fries from 5,000 to 9,000 depending on the burger type. The New York Steak burger is the most expensive and comes in at an assumed 5,900 for just the burger. The milkshakes are 3,000 won and basic french fries are 2,500. The portions are generous and you will have a bulging stomach by the time you walk out the door.
   Burger N Shake truly reminds me of the family owned chain In-N-Out which is un-arguably  the best fast food burger place located in California, Arizona, and Nevada. The ingredients are fresh, and that's what really counts. Learn more about Burger N Shake at their website

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Anonymous said...

In-N-Out is in Seoul today. Get in line early cuz they run out fast. Here's the newspaper ad and in-n-out confirmed that it's real.

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