Saturday, August 14, 2010

Flight to Korea and a Spanish lesson on board

I finally have arrived to Korea after a 13 hour flight from LAX! I am so excited to be here however the flight was terrible because of so much turbulence. About every 20 minutes the "caution we are experiencing turbulence announcement went off in 3 different languages!" But at least the food and on entertainment were great!

I flew on Korean Air which ended up being pretty nice overall. Two meals were served on board. The first was a choice between a Korean dish Bi-bim-bap or pasta. The second was a choice between more pasta or chicken and mash potatoes. I chose the pasta and the chicken and actually enjoyed eating them.

I also made a friend on the airplane. A Mexican boy sitting next to me ended up keeping me company. When I sat down I heard him speak in Spanish to the flight attendant and then asked if he was from Mexico. He did not speak any English but he told me he was from Puerto Vallarta and that he was 16 years old. I made due with my bad Spanish and found out that he was traveling to Thailand to go to school for a year. I completely forgot his name but he wrote down my email and is going to try to add me on Facebook! What a cutie : )

Anyway, I ended up talking to him throughout the flight in between my movies and dismal naps. We even played a game of solitaire against each other to see who could finish the fastest. Because I was talking in Spanish the entire time and was exhausted I caught myself talking to the flight attendant in Spanish too! I remember the flight attendant bringing me a water bottle as I replied "Gracias!"

So here I am, an American beach bum on a flight to Korea speaking Spanish to the Korean flight attendant! I also managed to sneak on 2 enormous carry on bags and a purse : )

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