Saturday, August 14, 2010

First night in Seoul

I landed in Korea at about 5:00pm and met Irene another director at YBM in a city close to Seoul right when I went through baggage. She is a crazy Brit but has great conversation and has lived in Korea for 6 years and traveled all over the world. The 1 hour shuttle ride from the airport to Seoul ended up taking us 2 and a half hours in traffic. By the time we got to the office to meet up with Tim (my director and boss) it was about 7:30-8pm. We hung out there for a few minutes and then Tim took me right down the street where I checked into my hotel for the next 12 days. The Samsung hotel actually is super nice.... but I'm at the Samsung motel! The rooms are pretty decent but there are some funny attributes like the big supply of skin products and condoms (no joke!). The good part is that I am 1 minute walk to the YBM office where I have training starting in 2 days on Monday.

I am completely exhausted right now from the trip! It is 10pm here right now and I am finally settled in. I took a long shower and figured out how to work the air conditioning and close the windows properly (ok the hotel guy showed me but I tried!). It is Friday night here so all the Koreans are partying. My room is on the second floor and is across the street are tons of restaurants that are hustling and bustling!

I have already Skyped my boyfriend Paul and sent out an email. This blog is the end of my first very productive night!

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Kristyn said...

Marie! I think you should definitely do some food blogging. I was reading the Reader yesterday and there was a 2 page spread on this awesome Korean BBQ place here. . . but I'd rather be reading (and seeing pictures) of the real deal :) I am so happy to read your blog- I like staying updated on your adventures. Glad you made it 'home' safe.

Marie W said...


I was just thinking about the food blogging today when I was at lunch! I am going to set up a new one sometime soon hopefully called Seoul Food! Thanks for becoming my follower!!!

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