Wednesday, November 2, 2011

3rd place in the Spring 2011 Korea Taste Blogging Contest

3rd place prize for Korea Taste Spring 2011 blogging contest.

   Hi readers! I just want to thank everyone that voted for me in the Spring 2011 Korea Taste blogging contest! I was really bad about not checking my seoulfoodgirl e-mail and I found out that I won 3rd place in the contest several months afterwards!

Korea Taste Spring 2011 blogging contest.
Thank you so much if you voted for me, I really enjoyed writing about Korean food and I hope to compete in upcoming contests! Since I am now back in California getting my Master in Education for TESOL I will have the opportunity to write about more Korean food restaurants around San Diego and Los Angeles. Korean food in Los Angeles is among the best because of its high population of Korean residents. They even have their own district known as Koreatown.  There are also many Korean restaurants in San Diego found off Convoy St.

Above is a picture of my award letter and prize! The beautiful mother of pearl plate is a great remembrance of  my time spent in Korea! If you are going to participate in a blogging contest please let me know and I will make a post on my blog to help promote you!

안녕히 가세요!


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Anonymous said...

Ughh Even though I dont know you personally, I really enjoyed your blogs about Korea and I'm sad that you are not living there anymore. Are you thinking about ever going back to Korea? Either way, I really hope Korea was a wonderful experience for you and that you'll always keep the memories of Korea in your heart. Good luck with graduate school and please keep us posted on things.

Marie W said...

Thanks anonymous! I will totally keep blogging about Korea! I have so many posts to write! Thanks! : )

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