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Seoul Food Girl: Mad For Garlic in Korea has a completely garlic menu

The Garlic For You Steak is one of the signature dishes on the menu.

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    I'm simply mad for garlic! Upon moving to Korea I am trying to live a healthier lifestyle by including foods like garlic, green tea, and ginseng in my everyday diet. That's why when a friend told me about Mad For Garlic, we decided to spend our New Years Eve toasting with fine wine and bad breathe! Yes everything on the menu has tons of garlic in it, there is even garlic gelato for dessert. You may be just as surprised as I was to find out that the franchise is a Korean chain that has recently become international with locations in Singapore, Indonesia, and Hawaii to name a few. The Italian Wine Bistro first opened in Seoul in 2001, and now has 11 locations in Korea.

Try the steamed mussels in tomato garlic sauce for an appetizer.
     Plan on spending alot of money at this restaurant. Between my boyfriend and I we managed to spend around 100,000 won, but we also ate enough for four people! This is a great place to spend a romantic date, or celebrate a special event. The atmosphere is extremely romantic, there are dim lights and wine glasses dangling from beautiful wooden beams in the ceiling. The garlic theme is also represented in the decorations such as a garlic wreath, and garlic ornaments on the restaurants Christmas tree in December.

The crab and lobster pasta comes with plenty of seafood.
For an appetizer try out the garlic steamed mussels in the red sauce. There is always a great debate between my friends and I about whether or not red or white is better with this dish. However, at Mad For Garlic the red sauce is clearly the winner. Order some extra bread to dip in the bucket of extra sauce. This dish is humongous and will be enough to share with others unless you are stingy with your seafood!  The garlic tower bread is also a must, and comes literally packed full of garlic which is then smashed down into the tower by the waiter right in front of you.

End with garlic gelato.
   The sweet potato pizza is a huge let down. The only cheese on the entire pizza is about 4 little balls on each slice, and it comes served with a mayonnaise like sauce all over the top. Its pretty much like ordering a thin crust pizza with salad on top. Don't experiment on any other types of pizza, and simply order the Gorgonzola pizza $16.90 which is perfectly cooked with a thin crust and lots of garlic and cheese. If you want a little seafood in the mix try out the crab and lobster pasta. The sauce isn't to die for, but the seafood is definitely fresh and they give you plenty of succulent lobster.
    The steak on the menu is all from Australia, and so the cuts are some of the most expensive items on the menu. The Garlic For You Steak comes served on a sizzling plate with sauteed bell peppers, onions, garlic cloves, and an entire head of garlic on top, stem and all just in case you didn't get enough! The steak was cooked to perfection, and is a reasonable price of $32.90 which is very reasonable for this cut in Korea.
    For dessert ordering the garlic gelato is a must, and don't forget to top off the meal with a nice glass of wine. The house red wine from Chile is a great choice that compliments almost any dish with its light and sweet aromas. There is a little bite to it, but it wears off immediately with a smooth after taste.
    Visit The Mad For Garlic Stores page to see the nearest locations to you. You can also view a menu, but it is not the most updated version. With all of the locations throughout Seoul you are bound to find one close by. Good luck and enjoy your garlic!

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Can you buy wine by the glass or must you get an entire bottle?

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You can get wine by the glass!

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Wow! Now this is definitely a place to visit. I love garlic dishes and the pictures make me want to book a flight as soon as possible.

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The steamed mussels look really mouthwatering! I'd love to visit this place one time. I really do hope to have an opportunity.

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Gone Seoul Searching by Marie Webb is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.
Permissions beyond the scope of this license may be available at goneseoulsearching@gmail.com.
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